hello everyone ,I’m Tim ,the blanket supplier from China
today I want to share something about the flannel blanket .
according to the development of the polyester blanket ,
this product category create so many different kinds of blanket
like initial stage brushed fleece or polar fleece blanket ,and developed coral fleece,
microplush ,PV plush ,flannel ,rabbit plush and so on .
they all have different plush ,touching feeling , warmth .
but which  common features of them are all made of 100% polyester microfiber .
this blanket above is classical flannel blanket with solid color .
the flannel blanket have already been fashion on the market about 10 years .
now the technology of knitting original fabric or dying &printing are all very mature now .
  • the feature of flannel blanket
you must want to ask me that what’s the feature of the flannel blanket
there are the features of the flannel blanket as below :
    • soft and smoothy touch feeling
    • warm ,the TOG test of 300gsm flannel is 1.7
    • anti-pilling plush
    • easily machine washing
    • easy to remove the hair of pets
    • dye any colors on this fabric
  • the knitting original fabric of flannel blanket
polyester fiber
the flannel fabric is made of the polyester micro fiber with great light .
there are two different fibers ,the one is FDY fibers which knit the structure of the base fabric
and the fibers of face fabric including plush are all micro DTY 150D 288F fibers
150D stand for the thickness of this fibers , more bigger number ,more thick line .
the yarn 150D is more thicker than the yarn 75D .
288F means this yarn 150D separate 288 pieces of fibers .
like the normal sewing threads separate 288 pieces of fibers ,
which is the fundamental reason that the touch feeling of flannel fabric is very soft and smooth .
this is the original flannel fabric knitted above
you could see that the front face that have the plush in rule
and the back face have no plush .
the flannel fabric is made from the warp knitting textile machines .
when knitting the original flannel fabric ,
the knife on the textile machine could cut the front fibers to create the plush in rule .
the daily outputs of each warp knitting machine is about 500 to 700kg
  • dyeing and finishing
it’s principle that the original flannel fabric could dye any colors on it .
but we need to take more cares on these three important colors : apricot yellow , emerald green, royal blue .
for this three important colors on the polyester fabric ,it need to use advanced dyestuff and precise temperature regulation .
you must have a question that how to get the warm plush on the back of the fabric ?
we could use the brushing machine to take half of plush from the front face to back face .
and then comb those plush more bushy which could help this blanket could keep more warmth inside .
  • sewing
usually there are about 3 ways to finish the edge of the flannel blanket .
  • folding edge finished
this is very normal edge ,but pls don’t underestimate this edge
there are also some technique to make the edge perfect .
  • binding edge finished
binding edge could make the blanket more superior quality
specially using the super soft fabric to binding the edge
the corner for the binding edge is very important
and also we need to avoid missing pin along the binding edge .
  • overlocked edge finished
the overlock with triangle needle is usually on the double layers blanket .
usually we need to lock around the edge of blanket in order to keep the plush not run out
and then use the thick threads to overlock with triangle needle to sew the edge of blanket again
  • the market
the flannel blanket is very fashion on the whole world about 10 years .
because that flannel blanket have the same comfortable feeling and warmth as the wool or cotton blanket .
but the costing is really more cheaper than wool and cotton blanket .
so it’s still good selling online like Amazon in Europe or north America .
I think that this flannel blanket won’t be out of fashion in next 10 years
because the flannel blanket have already been the basic home blanket
which is a basic textile product like the T-shirt .
OK , if you are interested this flannel blanket ,just contact me
I’m sure that I could give you professional advice .