hello everyone ,I’m Tim ,the blanket supplier from China .
today I want to share something about the double layers sherpa blanket .
usually the sherpa blanket are all made of two layers plush fabric
the back fabric are all sherpa plush fabric or cotton plush fabric
because the shape of sherpa plush is same as the cotton on the tree .
and the front fabric could be many different kinds of plush or fleece blanket
like flannel plush ,super soft plush ,polar fleece or micro plush or PV plush .
the sherpa plush is classical weft terry knitting fabric with 100% polyester micro fibers .
for the sherpa plush fabric ,the front face have the plush and the back face have no plush .
which is the basic reason why all sherpa blanket are all double layers blanket .
you also must want to ask that why the original material are all 100% polyester fibers
because the polyester fiber is the synthetic fiber not like the natural fibers
which have so many different shapes ,features or changes could be created .
  • the feature of the sherpa blanket
    • warmth,the fluffy plush like cotton could lock the warmth inside
    • comfortable on the body
    • easily machine washing

  • the sherpa plush knitting
there are two different specifications of the polyester fibers .
DTY 150D/48F is for the base structure of the fabric .
and DTY 150D/288F or 144F is for the plush face of the fabric .
usually it’s weaving on a 16-needle weft knitting machine .
  • dyeing and finishing
dyeing and finishing need to pass through those procedure as below
    • Presetting – presetting temperature is 180~200 ° C, the predetermined speed is  20~30m / min
    • Bleed dyeing -dyeing gray cloth with disperse dye in high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine . which need to control the temperature strictly
    • Additives-add softener, fluffing additive and leavening additive , the processing time is 20 ~ 30min, which is the basic reason for the plush of sherpa could be like cotton fluffing .
    • Brushing, combing and shearing on the plush
    • Anti-pilling , put them into the anti-pilling machine
    • Finishing on the Set-Streching to set the final GSM and width .
  • sewing
you know that usually the sherpa blanket are all double layers blanket
so question is that how to make two layers together perfectly
    • binding edge finished -1
binding edge could make the blanket more superior quality
specially using the super soft fabric to binding the edge
the corner for the binding edge is very important
and also we need to avoid missing pin along the binding edge .
    • binding edge finished -2
we could use the sherpa plush face to binding the front face .
which could make the blanket have the sherpa edges around .
yes ,when cutting the fabric ,the size of sherpa plush face must be more larger than the front plush face .
    • overlocked edge finished
the overlock with triangle needle is usually on the double layers blanket .
usually we need to lock around the edge of blanket in order to keep the plush not run out
and then use the thick threads to overlock with triangle needle to sew the edge of blanket again
  • the market
the sherpa blanket is really good selling on the Amazon or another online stores .
and also which is the good option for the winter blanket .
because it’s really warm and comfortable in the cold winter .
OK , if you are interested this flannel blanket ,just contact me
I’m sure that I could give you professional advice .