how to make a blanket from the fibers to the fabric and then to the blanket
there are so many steps in the mass production .
this part will introduce how to knit the original blanket fabric from the polyester fibers .
  • original fibers
we will purchase the original fibers from the fiber factories .
the original polyester fibers are all POY fibers which full name is PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN
usually the business of fibers are all cash business .
polyester fibers
  • fibers texturing
we need to make those POY original fibers through stretching and false twisting to DTY fibers by this texturing machine .
POY fibers is the original fibers ,which is straight and elongated but it couldn’t be knit the fabric directly ,
DTY fibers which full name is DRAW TEXTURED YARN, it have already been stretched and also deformed and bend .
the texturing machine could make the original POY fibers more elastic for the fabric knitting .
you could check the polyester fabric for blanket ,they all have the big elasticity .
fibers texturing
  • warp beaming
the warp beaming is the the most important preparatory work of knitting the fabric
because that most of the fabric defects are all derived from the warp fibers beaming .
the beaning machine could make all warp fibers keep uniform tension, uniform yarn arrangement,
and uniform winding density .which could make the density of the fabric uniform finally .
warp beaming
  • original fabric knitting
the warp fabric like flannel plush ,coral fleece ,super soft , rabbit plush are all are manufactured by the warp knitting machine .
one machine usually could knit about 500kg by one day .
original fabric knitting original fabric knitting
  • fabric inspection
fabric inspection
make the inspection of the original fabric ,if find the defect on the original fabric
pick and cut them off ,in order to make sure that there are no problem before fabric dying or printing .
these finished original fabric are all white color just waiting for dying and printing .
next part I will introduce the dying and printing processing of the blanket fabric .