• the three main printing ways on the blanket fabric

usually in our mass production ,there are three main printing ways on the blanket fabric
1,roller printing  2,screen printing ,3, digital printing .
I will introduce you those printing ways one by one as below :
  • Rotary printing

rotary-printing-design rotary printing machine




there are three pictures for your reference
picture A is an artwork of rotary printing on the fabric of blanket
picture B is the printing machine of rotary printing .
picture C is the schematic diagram of rotary printing
we could see the picture A at first .
this artwork of rotary printing have the same patterns composed cycle by cycle
the length of one cycle is 64CM ,which is actually the perimeter of the printing roller on the picture B and C .
one color is associated with one roller ,the dyestuff are all loaded into the related rollers .
there are 10 different colors on picture A ,there must be 10 rollers on picture B .
a separate roller is used for different colors. The fabric after it is printed is passed through processes of drying and steaming to set the dyestuff .
for the advantage of rotary printing ,
the printing effectiveness is very high ,more than 3500 yards for each hour ,
for the disadvantage of rotary printing
the moq limitation is more higher than normal solid color ,the need to be at least 1500kg
for the normal weight blanket 1kg ,the moq of the blanket need to be 1500pcs .
usually the rotary printing is available for some small pattern like flowers or geometry
it’s not available for the big whole pattern printing on the blanket ,like some big logo or UK flag on the blanket .
  • Screen printing
screen printing blanket screen printing machine
screen printing machine
there are also three pictures for your reference .
the picture D is a supreme blanket which is a classical screen printing blanket .
the picture E  is a screen printing machine .
the picture F is  a printing mould plate .
you could see the picture D at first
one blanket only have one logo pattern -supreme ,and the pattern in the blanket is complete
the edge of blanket also have not broke the pattern .
you could check strawberry blanket which is rotary printing
the edge of strawberry blanket cut or broke the pattern of blanket .
which is the biggest difference between rotary printing and screen printing on the blanket .
each color on the artwork have each one mould plate on the screen printing machine .
for the screen printing,  the design on the mould plate is made of porous nylon fabric.
the areas which do not have prints are covered and then the screens are placed on the fabric
for the supreme blanket ,the white color is covered ,not be print
just press the red dyestuff through the plate on the blanket fabric .
for the advantage of screen printing , you could make very large whole pattern
for the big logo , big flower pattern ,we all could choose screen printing
for the disadvantage of screen printing ,the costing of screen printing is more that rotary printing
because the printing effectiveness is lower than rotary printing
and the moq limitation of screen printing need to be about 2000kg also more than rotary printing
for the normal 1kg weight blanket ,the moq of blanket need to be 2000pcs for each item .
  • Digital printing
digital printing blanket digital printing blanket
digital printing machine
there are also three pictures for your reference .
the picture G is a digital printing blanket ,
the picture H is a digital printing fabric ,the front face and the back face
the picture I  is  the digital printing machine
you could see the picture G at first
the printing on the blanket is very vivid ,which is also the biggest advantage of digital printing
you also could see the many different colors mixed together ,like the photo .
so the digital printing machine is really like a very big HP print machine in the office ,right ?
for the advantage of digital printing
digital printing have no color quantity limitation ,the printing are all very vivid like photo .
also could printing very big pattern like screen printing
and also have no fabric quantity limitation for printing .
but the biggest disadvantage of digital printing is the high costing
the dyeing permeability of digital printing is not better than normal printing
and you also could see the picture H ,the printing is just on the front face not permeate into the back face .